January 11, 2016

The Funk

We had a few plans this weekend but instead I got to spend a lot of quality time snuggling Theo.  It's what we moms do when our babies are sick.  He is on amoxicillan but still not feeling well.  If he would sleep through the night just a little bit, he would probably feel better, we all would.  I have made a few phone calls to one of my best friends and favorite doctor ever.  She once again reassured me that he has a virus and sometimes they just have to run the course.  Here is hoping this course has been run and we are back at it tomorrow.  I can only snuggle and look at my filthy house and listen to my other kids whine and fight but for so long.
Charlie sent me a text Saturday around 6:45 that everyone said it was fine Theo wasn't feeling well and we should head to the pizza party.  I just sent back this picture.  

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  1. Hope little man feels better!!! And that no one else catches it....