January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, holy wow it is 2016!  We went OUT last night and had a rocking good time.  First up was New Year's in London party time for the kids and then New Year's in USA party time for the adults.  We had a really great 2015 around here and I am excited for 2016.  I am not making any resolutions to just break, in fact as one of my favorite bloggers put it -  I don't want a new, better life in 2016.  I just want new eyes to see that my life is already staggeringly beautiful.   Cheers!

 Cheers to my Sprite, in a can that I don't have to share!  2016 is starting off strong.

Cheers to my #1 boy and photo booths, love a good photo booth.

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