May 13, 2017

1 month!

Winnie is 1 month!  She enjoys milk, naps, diaper changes, poots and getting clobbered with kisses.  Well, that is what we tell ourselves.  She wasn't up for smiling during her 1 month photo shoot, no matter how many people got in her face!

We get outside every afternoon no matter the weather, because brothers.  They cannot be contained.  I even figured out this pretty wrap baby carrier thing.  Such a cool mom.  

Practicing baseball.  Every day we do.  This guy also enjoys reading and scored really high on his reading assessment for first grade.  He gets it from his... dad.  But his mama sure is proud!  Ironically it takes him about 3 hours to do the tiniest bit of reading homework.  Working on our writing and attention span.

Last week of preschool for this guy.  I am so proud of Nash!  This guy has come a long long way and is an awesome helper around the house.  Thank you Jesus.

And by helper, Nash is usually cleaning up or running from this guy.  Oh Theo, you are almost three and you are every bit of an almost 3 year old who has to keep up with his big brothers.  You happily oblige to be the monster or bad guy and chase the neighbors - a role you play well.

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