May 25, 2017

Seven is heaven

His eyes how they twinkle!  I love this picture.  It was taken before his brothers and sister were awake, dad was already at work and it was just the two of us, chatting over ginormous donuts.  He is still the kindest boy I know.  We have our rough patches like every 7 year old does but they are few and usually followed up with a hug and an I'm sorry.  He still randomly comes up and says 'I love you mom.'  It is the best.  I love you Jackson Arthur Farris!

Jackson's 7 year old Favorites!
TV Show - Paradise Run - Game Show, Crashletes, and anything that is on the tv ( appreciates a good show like his daddy)
Song - Queen's Greatest Hits, specifically Don't Stop Me Now
Foods - Donuts, cereal, chicken sandwich, nachos, pb&j, pizza, Jersey Mike's turkey wrap (appreciates the good carbs like his mama) 
Candy - chocolate
Toy - trampoline, wiffle balls & bat, basketball
Book - Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and lots of chapter books! We have a reader!
Activity - basketball, baseball, football, playing pokemon, 'tech time', cheering on Tarheels

We celebrated with dinner at Kanki!  And guess who was there, just eating and loving Kanki, all by himself, the man - Theo Pinson!  He is also a regular at Jersey Mike's.  Pretty much making him my most favorite player and my soul mate.  I had to use the birthday boy as an excuse for a picture.  And then I told him we named our 3rd son after him.  Too much?

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