May 23, 2017

May Daze

Still celebrating over here.  Jackson turns seven tomorrow!  Seven?! Sounds so old.  He is old and smart and sweet and goofy and the best big brother you could ask for.  He had a flag football party on Saturday.  We won an 'I9 Sports Party' through the school's silent auction.  It was awesome.  I wasn't that excited about wrangling a bunch of wild boys, but I didn't have to do a thing.  Woohoo.  Everyone played and had a good time AND the bday boy caught a touchdown pass to finish it off.  In between that was a preschool carnival, some baseball and even had a few adults gatherings, they included Miss Winnie, the star.  This was all on top of a busy daddy prepping for a brand new Jersey Mike's store opening tomorrow in Hillsborough! I could celebrate a serious nap right about now.  

Hut, hut hike.  Theo was definitely the secret weapon.  He can keep up, no special treatment is needed.

Happy Birthday my boy!

Go Dodgers!  Finished out the season undefeated.  

Baby in a bar!

And why we are late to everything, all the time.  I thought Theo was already in the car ready to roll out to church.  Think again.

Shameless plug!  Come see this little lady at the newest Jersey Mike's in Hillsborough, 115 Oakdale Drive.  

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