May 8, 2017


This past Friday was Cinco de Mayo, so we put on our fancy clothes and thought about going to Friday's on the Front Porch. 

And then this happened (Theo rules this house).  The new FOFP - Friday on the Farris Porch.

If you can't beat em', join em'.  That is the old saying right?

Saturday was the Kentucky Derby.  We put on our best Derby attire and walked to our neighbors for bourbon and hotdogs.  Two of my faves.  Afterwards, Charlie and I ventured out to a concert with zero kids.  Our friend plays in the band Bombadil, so we went and heard them in Carrboro.  It was my first 2 hours without Winnie, I missed my girlfriend.

And Sunday was my mom, Tat-tat, Señora Winslow, baby holder, book reader, floor sweeper, sugar keeper's birthday!  We couldn't do it around here without her.  So we celebrated and let her hold all her grandkids... ;) 

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