May 19, 2017

Big Day!

Yesterday was a big day!  
Nash graduated pre-school.  This has been the best year for my 'little' boy.  He has learned so much and loved every minute of it.  He will miss pre-school, his teachers (TAT!) and friends but I have no doubt this boy is ready for kindergarten!

Super-duper proud mom and dad.  His program was fantastic and he was appropriately awarded the word 'humility.'  I love the way he recognizes and praises others.  He is the sweetest soul, some days it is just buried deep in there.  :) 

Birthday boy!  We celebrated Theo with baseball cupcakes at the park with our neighbors.  He loves to celebrate any birthday and thankfully cake at the park will still do just fine for this guy.

His BFF - sweet cousin Brooklyn.  They find each other hilarious, I hope it stays this way forever.  Brooklyn has a big job on her hands, keeping her cousin straight.  

A big game for the Angels!  This team has gotten SO much better throughout the season.  For real, we had some bad news bears going on at the beginning.  They are going to the Championship on Monday! (ok, only 4 teams in their division...but still)  I love to watch Jackson play.  He is the perfect amount of serious and goofiness.

Post late game we had a little party to celebrate the season.  This picture trips me out- so dirty, so tired, so hungry, such a goober.

And my girl.  She was toted from one place to another.  Eating and napping and burping and pooting in the car and keeping her mama company.  Like a boss.  A pretty one.

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