May 21, 2017

He's 3!

Mr. Theo is officially 3 years old.  He is every bit of three, along with being a new big brother, whew, boy does not slow down.  He sure does love it though.  And we love him more than he will ever know.
It's MY birfday.  I gon eat one, two, free donuts!

Dadddyyyy!  His favorite.

All dressed up  and ready for his last day of pre-school in his bright orange pineapple bathing suit and little baller shirt.  Whatever dude, it is your birthday.

Theo's 3 year old Favorites!
TV Show - Paw Patrol, Team Umizoomi, and the movie Elf (He knows how to put it in the dvd player and likes to have it playing in the background at all times...)
Song - Happy Birthday to You!, Oh my darlin' oh my darlin', Queen's Greatest Hits (boy still loves to sing!)Foods - Magic Stars Cereal, pb&j, donuts, pizza, watermelon, ice cream 
Candy - gum, sucker, m&msToy - baseball, football, basketball, scooter, water balloons, horsesBook - Holiday books, Dinosaur Football Activity - Shoot and dribble basketball, hit baseball, ride his scooter, jump on the trampoline, climb trees, run from his mom.

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