February 24, 2016

4 Years Old!

You are finally 4 my sweet Nash!  We have been counting down the days and we plan to celebrate you all week long whether you like it or not!  You are still just as handsome and stubborn as ever.  Thanks for being you Nashy.  We love you to Antarctica and think you are adorable! :) 

Nash's 4 year old Favorites
TV Show - Paw PatrolBlaze  & Football games
Song - Uptown Funk You Up & anything KIDZ BOP
Foods - Oatmeal, PB&J, Hotdog w no bun, Chocolate donuts & mint choc. chip ice cream!
Candy - York Peppermint Patty, GUM, M&Ms
Toy - Football & Baseball Guys
Book - Shel Silverstein, 10 Gingerbread Men
Activity - ABCya.com, play football & restaurant

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