February 29, 2016


We came, we played, we saw, we conquered.  Another weekend, another ball game.  It's what we do and I better get used to it.
Air Theo! I WAN SHOOT!

Orange Tigers and #1 daddy coach.  But really, he went to work at 4am to get started on bread making for some Tarheel teams, made it just in time to coach the Tigers, and headed right back to work for sub domination.

Don't be fooled.  They can coach a team for sure, any control if their own kids, doubtful.

Aunt Nat and soon to be Uncle Zack took these guys to see the Harlem Globetrotters!  Nash hasn't stopped talking about it.  He is currently working on his dribbling.

Sunday football for the 'Bulldogs.'  They tied (come on now...) and are ready to lay the smack down next week.

Nash had a touchdown run and Jackson threw a touchdown passed.  They are loving some football and I am loving having them on the same team!

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