February 27, 2016


Nash fully embraced his 4th birthday this year.  He can be a hit or a miss and this was definitely a hit. For his birthday lunch we went to Jersey Mike's and for birthday dinner he voted hotdogs and Oreo cake. ( I was hoping for Kanki...) Then the wait began for CHUCK E. CHEESE birthday party.  Friday night we hit up the coolest pizza joint in town and won some awesome prizes, ate lots of pretty good pizza, downed some Sprite and just incase you didn't know, they have beer.  Chuck E. for the win.

Playing 'Baseball Guys.'  Jackson picked this out for him and has been super pumped about giving it to him.  It was very hard but he even kept it a secret!

Love this picture.  We have zero family pictures so this is pretty exciting.

Chuck E. Cheese time!

Theo was not a fan of Chuck E. or any to the characters, no surprise here, he preferred to SHOOT!

Nash didn't want to go in the ticket blaster so he let Jackson instead.  It must be harder than it looks... Better luck next year J-man.  

Never got that group shot I was hoping for, everyone was too busy throwing down.

My faves and their big ol heads all up in the photo booth!!

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  1. Happy birthday, Nash!!! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you! We had a blast!