February 9, 2016

Are you ready for some football...!

'We have a busy day today guys.  After church we are going straight to flag football practice and your first scrimmage and then it is time for the Super Bowl!'
'Are you serious? The real Super Bowl?  Today? Yes! Finally!!' -Nash

Everyone in our house has been on Super Bowl countdown.  We were super pumped this year because the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos (Peyton Manning) were in it, our 2 favorite teams.  Since these guys still manage to pull for whoever wins, this worked out well.  But first things first, I9 Flag Football!  They are letting Nash play up so he gets to join his big brother and dad.  He only had a few expected meltdowns but all in all the 'Bulldogs' ruled and Coach Charlie was worn out!

Peyton Manning with a little Cam Newton celebrating.

Ironman hard at work at practice.

We headed to a Super Bowl party at the Country Club that had kids downstairs and adults upstairs, holla!  Jackson stood his ground and wore his Peyton Manning jersey.  I was impressed.   He and his bud Cal took this picture and wanted to make sure we sent it to their Kindergarten teachers!

Theo joined us for the 2nd quarter upstairs.  Warm cookies and daddy snuggles.

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