February 5, 2016

Fresh Cuts

We were way overdo on some haircuts.  The big boys love getting them - peanuts, watching a show, haircut, a neck massage and a sucker - all for $10, what is not to love?  Theo does not like it one bit.  This time he sat in my lap and screamed the entire time while I held his head in place.  My apologies to the other dudes in there hoping for a relaxing cut.  He survived, gave the lady who cut it a high five and looks too old.

Dread head.  Theo twirls his hair, serious dreads.  Multiple nights he has woken up screaming and his finger was stuck knotted in his hair.  Also, my kids could not believe I had a lava lamp when I was a kid.  'That is aaamaazing mom.'  It was the coolest.

Nash has some thick, straight hair.  When it starts sticking up, you know it is that time.  Here he is working so quietly in my Wednesday morning Women's Bible study… because he refuses to go to his class?!???

Jackson is also a big hair twirler and has a bald spot on the back of his head to show for it.  He also could no longer see what he was doing.  Here he was working on his 100th day of school project.  I convinced him to make a Qixels with 100 pieces.  Originally he was hoping to put 100 Legos in a plastic bag. Meh.

20 Month old BOY!

Post cuts dinner date.  'Can ya'll look at me.  Hey, guys say cheese.'  I forgot to bribe for a picture pre-milkshakes.  Really, they can't look away or their mom will eat it.

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