February 15, 2016


These boys like to eat.  I can only imagine how much they will consume  as they grow older.  I can barely keep up right now, and it is not doing much for my waistline.  Our favorite 'family friendly' dinner spots are Nantucket, Kanki, Jason's Deli and Jersey Mike's, obvi.  Our go to dinners at home that everyone will actually eat are spaghetti, steak, and mexican.  We make them try whatever is on the table.  If they don't like it they can have something else.  We say the blessing and Theo ends with a loud 'AAMMMEEENNN!'  During dinner we go around the table and say something that no one knows about us that happened that day.  I have found this question gets a conversation going a little better than, 'how was your day?' and the boys love it.  It is hard to get a decent dinner on the table at a decent time, but in the end worth it.  Almost as fun as baby-sitter nights....

The thrill of Kanki.  It runs in his blood.

Charlie works a night at Jersey Mike's about once a week.  And guess who goes there for dinner?!  If they aren't too busy Nash gets to help out and he is all over it.  This boy is counting down the years to  being able to work at Jersey Mike's!  His favorite thing there is... Doritos!

Da Spaghetti!  Jackson eats dinner in about 35 seconds and wants dessert.  It takes a lot for him to stay in his seat and wait till everyone else gets done, but he is working on it.

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  1. Love your dinner conversation starter!!! I'm going to try that one!!