February 21, 2016

Ohhh Mexico!

Tuesday morning when it was pouring down raining and our kids had school delays because of the previous days sleet... we got out of town!  We went to Valentin Imperial Maya in Mexico.  I highly recommend.  We went with the Dukes and the Barfields, who also needed a little sunshine and butt wiping break.  They didn't actually know each other at all, but we knew after a few margaritas it wouldn't really matter.  It was so much fun.  The first day was a monsoon wash out so we resorted to the spa and hot tubs and drinks, but the next 3 days did not disappoint.  We plan to make it an annual trip, as long as the grandparents agree, and all are welcome to come!  :)  They reported that the boys were great and I bet they even miss them a little bit today.  Nothing beats going on a vacation except coming back home to some sweet loving smiling big ol hugs.  

My favorite part of the trip was waking up to this.  I never really 'slept in' but I slept hard.  They had an outside breakfast buffet just a few feet away that was oh so good.  I usually had an omelet  and a nutella crepe both made to order with a hot cup of coffee and a mimosa.  

Days were spent by the pool lounging, partaking in some water aerobics, and fruity drinks and a few walks on the beach.

The resort food was really good.  We got fancy every night and had a late dinner and did some dancing. 

The resort bar even played the UNC vs. Duke basketball game.  The Danny Green jersey did not bring the luck we needed.  In Mexico the disappointment seems to wear off pretty quickly.

Last night there, finally got a group shot.  We took one right when we got to the resort.  We were a lot pastier and had on a lot more clothes!  Until next time!


  1. I'm super annoyed that I work out five times a week and still look like I do, and you look like no babies have ever been in that tummy