February 23, 2016

Don't turn around...

Theo is the sweetest, snuggliest, funniest goober I have ever had.  And the dude is crazy.  You really cannot leave him in a room alone.  If it sounds a little too quiet, then we have a problem on our hands.  Silence is deadly around here.  He does a really good job keeping up with his brothers and it is scary...
No diaper needed for Connect 4.  He likes to fill up the entire rack and then throw every single chip all over the den.

Cleaning the dishes.  Dude loves playing in the sink.  And it keeps him contained, so I let him.

Giving himself an insulin shot.  He slides the kitchen chairs over and climbs on the counter by himself.  Charlie has type 1 diabetes, a somewhat new thing in our house.  The boys are obsessed with watching him shoot up.  Don't worry the needles are well hidden.

Like I said, he scoots the kitchen chairs over and climbs on the counter.  This is not okay.  No one was hurt in this particular instance.  And yes, I took a picture.

Side note - When Jackson was this exact age he was about to be a big brother.  Now that is scary.  Theo is not about to be a big brother, no hidden surprises here.

Jackson meeting Nash for the first time.  He was not so sure about sharing his mom.

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