May 17, 2016

Big BOY stats!

I guess when you have a 6, 4 and 2 year old - they are no longer babies or even toddlers, just straight dudes.  That kinda stinks, in more ways than one!  Today we got Jackson out of school early for everyone's yearly wellness visit.  At least that is what I was hoping, we ran out of time for Theo so he gets to go back.  The big guys checked out LOUD AND CLEAR.  I told them no shots, but I was wrong, whoops.  Nash had 3.  And he took them like a bad ass, seriously not a tear.  I was proud and promised suckers, they countered with donuts, I said ok but first they had to get haircuts, they said ok then suckers for the doctor...kind of like a bribe on a bribe on top of a bribe?  Whatever, like I said, they checked out just fine.
 Nash William Farris - 4 years 3 months
Height - 3ft. 6 in. - 80%
Weight - 43 lbs. - 90%

Jackson Arthur Farris - Almost 6!
Height - 4ft. - 90%
Weight - 53 lbs. - 90%

(no more head circumference, which I always found amusing, instead it is replaced by 'smoking status.')

Fresh big boy cuts were on point!

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