May 6, 2016


Jackson has had the best Kindergarten year!  We love everything about his class, teacher, and school. I am a huge proponent of public schools, but as a mother know we all do what is best for our little one.  It is a big debate in our neighborhood every year about 'where will you send your kid to school?'  I put my money (jk - it's FREE!) where my mouth is and jumped right in.  Now I am on a mission to get the rest of our 'hood to join us.  We love being an Eagle!

Science Night!  We do NOT miss a special night, Jackson likes to go to every single thing...

Dad joined us for the much anticipated 5th graders vs. teachers basketball game.  The teachers won... booo.

Headed to the Creekside Carnival!  Seriously, they were so excited.  We listened to pump up music on the way there.  I should have do a little more pre-gaming myself.

I think everyone had fun at the Carnival.  I chased this guy around everywhere.  He is a maniac.  He will rule the school soon enough.  

Yesterday I got to go on a field trip to Marbles!  This was my 'group.'  It was the easiest trip to Marbles I have ever had.  They had so much fun and LISTENED to me and did not RUN away or BREAK anything.  It was awesome.  I felt a little bit guilty.

Loved hanging with my big Kindergartener all morning.  I am so proud of this guy!

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