May 23, 2016

Kindergarten Graduation!

My sweet first born has had all kinds of celebrations the past few days.  Today was his Kindergarten 'graduation.'  They all filed in, sang some songs and each student received their certificate and told us their favorites.  Jackson' favorite food is spaghetti, color is light blue and he wants to be a basketball player when he grows up.  I really could not have dreamed of a better year for him.  I am so impressed with everything that he has learned in such a short amount of time.  His reading - chapter books now, what what, his love for math and trying to stump his mom, and his admiration for his teachers and classmates are all so impressive for an ALMOST 6 year old.  He makes me so proud!

So big!  He wanted to dress up for his graduation.  Looks too much like a 12 year old in that collared shirt.  

'You know Tat is wearing tall shoes in this picture!'
He had lots of family come and watch his graduation.  He has been talking about it for-ev-er!  'Don't forget mom, Monday at 1:30, maybe you want to say 1:15 so you can get a good seat.  We just sing a song at first, so if you do miss that part it is ok.'  He is the sweetest.

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