May 12, 2016

Date Night!

Shhhh, don't tell his brothers, but my big guy and I went to a Durham Bulls game the other night all by ourselves!  Our friends gave us tickets for the 'party zone' - free tickets, free hotdogs, free popcorn, free Sprite, AND free games at Woolly World.  It was a blast and oh so easy with just this kid.  We were all going to go to the game but the night before Nash took a fall on his scooter and went to the ER to get a cat scan for a concussion. Thankfully that came back ok and he is just supposed to 'take it easy' for a week, ha. The reason he was acting so tired and wonky was because he had strep.  Dude cannot catch a break.  He and Theo got to hang with dad at home.  Dad rules and knew mom would be all about a baseball game date night.  Jackson waited until the next day to get sick with his first ear infection?!  We may invest in an amoxicillin keg over here.  It's May, we ain't got time for this!

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  1. Fun date😍 Glad Nash is okay. Save up that pink stuff and throw away tooth brushes! πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“