May 29, 2016

road trip

My favorite people ever and all of our chilling were able to get together for an impromptu Friday night pool party, cook-out in Wilmington!  We picked up Jackson early from school and went and harassed dad at Jersey Mike's to leave and hit I-40!  We still managed to get in some traffic and not one single person napped (they are so loud) but we made it right on time.  The Lackey family just moved to Wilmington and have the coolest house WITH a guest house in the back that is my new summer home.  ;)  The boys had a blast and I was in my happy place.  

5 college roomies and 11 kids.  Some things change, some remain the same.  Just missing a few other 'Teenies,' yep we had a name - Thank goodness we didn't have iPhones...
This is a framer.

Stop looking at me swan! (name that movie)  We, ok they - it was cold, got in some good pool time!

Our 'summer home' is small so Theo and I were up before sunrise trying to keep quiet. We contemplated life and ate donuts and then ate more donuts.  

Rise and shine for some boat action.  The weekend called for rain but we didn't see one drop on Saturday morning.  We docked up for a few and explored the marsh.  

Go Jersey Mike's.  Go America.  Go Jackson and Van.  We got some good BFF action going on here.  Their moms are going to make sure of it.  

This rarely happens.  Nothing beats a boat nap.

Before heading home from our 24 hour road trip we decided to attempt an out to eat dinner.  Then we decided that would be not fun so we dropped our kids off at 'Giggles.'  I felt bad for about 7 seconds but then we enjoyed an awesome quiet dinner at Blue Water.  When we picked them up they said it was fun except, 'You can't go in that room unless you are 5, and they have sucky rules here.  Next time I am saying I am 5...' -Nash, shocker.  We will be back, maybe not until he is 5.

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  1. So much fun with y'all!! Let's do it again next weekend? 😎