May 24, 2016

Birthday Bowling!

For Jackson's birthday he decided he wanted to go bowling.  He has been maybe 2 times and wasn't very good so I was a little surprised by his choice but pretty pumped to just pick up a cake and head to the bowling alley.  I tell you what, the b-day boy was on fire!  They put kids right into groups when you arrive.  Everyone plays and you even have your very own DJ.  He told Jackson to let him know any request.  After some prompting from his friends I heard him say, 'Can you please play Turn Down For What.'  So yeah, we were jamming.  After an hour of bowling we headed back for cake and to sing Happy Birthday to my boy.  We all had a blast.

Birthday boy and his number 1 fan, most of the time...

Collecting beads from the 'dj' booth.

Happy Birthday!

I love everything about this picture.  Pure joy!

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